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Must Have Fishing Gadgets

Must Have Fishing Gadgets

Fishing, in general, is a fun-filled activity. The process of waiting and catching the fish that tries to escape sure does excite a lot of people. It is an activity that not just involves fun, but it is also a great stress buster. Many physiatrists actually recommend people to go fishing to reduce their stress and anxiety levels. This fun activity can be made funnier by having some of the cool fishing gadgets with you. In this article, we will discuss the must-have fishing gadgets.

 Fishing rod holder with auto hook setter

The fishing rod holder with auto hook is not just useful and efficient but is the coolest fishing gadget. There will be a lot of times when we might have missed to catch the fish after the bite. There might be a lot of reasons for that. We might have been slow, or the fish would have managed to get out. With this amazing gadget in our hand, the possibility of missing the fish after the bite is close to impossible. It will be a perfect choice if you are fishing from the banks.

Bluetooth fish finder

Technology has grown in a massive way. No one would have thought that people would come up with gadgets that can locate fish. The device needs to be paired with your smartphone first. It actually detects the location and size of the fish. Some of you might have sat hours together and would have ended up with no fish in the hands. Using this gadget makes the fishing process very easy. It also provides information like the depth and the temperature of the water.

Submersible fishing LED lights

There are instances when the fish might be right beneath us, but we would have missed because of the lack of vision. With the submersible LED fishing LED light we can bid goodbye to this issue. Using this light gives a clear vision of what lies below the surface of the water. This will be very helpful when you are fishing during the night or fishing in dark waters. It is a reliable gadget and has a lifetime of 50000 hours. The light comes in two colors white and blue. The light spreads in every angle, and hence there is no possibility of you missing out anything.

Rechargeable USB fishing lures

Times have changed you do not need to go search for the location of the fish. By using the proper gadget, the fish will come to you. These rechargeable USB fishing lures attract the other fishes by mimicking a wounded fish. When the fish is wounded some fish come towards it to eat them. So you can actually capitalize on this and catch the fish easily. It can be recharged just like a smartphone.

Floating cell phone case

Floating cell phone case is one of the important gadgets that you must have when you go fishing. We all know that we cannot survive without our mobiles. Losing them is something that we never want to happen. While fishing, there are good possibilities that our mobile might end up in water because of our carelessness. Hence it is necessary to take precautionary measures to save our mobile. Using the floating waterproof cell phone cover will not let the cell phone drown into the water. It will keep floating.

Fishing Safety Tips That People Should Follow

Fishing Safety Tips That People Should Follow

Fishing is an amazing activity to spend our leisure time. The thrills and the enjoyment that is involved in this activity is something that cannot be explained in words.  At the same time, one simple mistake can cause a lot of problems. Being careless during fishing is something that we cannot afford to do. Hence it is mandatory to take all the safety precautions to enjoy the activity to the fullest without anyone getting hurt. In this article, we will discuss the safety tips that you need to follow when you are fishing.

Do not stand close to the water edge

The basic and the simple thing that you need to be careful about is the position where you stand. Standing in the edge very close to the water is strict no. There are a lot of possibilities that you might fall down. A small shake is all it takes for you to lose your balance. You might be a good swimmer, but to avoid these silly accidents, it is better not to stay close to the edge of the water.

Look out for slippery spots

One of the common complaints that you will hear from people who go fishing is that they slipped and fell. Generally, when people go fishing, they are totally consumed by the activity, and they fail to concentrate on a lot of other things. Stepping into these slippery spots without having proper shoes is like the dumbest thing you could do. There are a lot of possibilities that you will slip and fall down. If there is luck, you can escape with no injury. If not it is the other way around you may even end up with a fractured bone.

Deck up according to the waters

Deep water fishing is very different. It is not like kayak or freshwater fishing. So it is mandatory to carry the required gadgets according to the place where you are fishing.  The freshwater fishing is not as dangerous as the deep water fishing because the water current is not that strong. The deep water fishing requires gadgets like water wader which actually protects people from a lot of accidents.

Look for people near you

We know that you are having a lot of fun and you are so excited and eager to catch a fish. But that does not mean that you can cause some trouble to the people near you. Just like you, they will also be looking forward to catching some fishes and have some fun. Simple things like losing your balance and falling on other people can happen easily if you are too careless. One of the important things that you should remember is to look for people behind you before casting. While swinging the lures might hurt the people who are near you. Hence make sure that you do not hurt anyone in any way while fishing.

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